Ebill Vouchers - Requirements for Expense Vouchers

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Attorney out of pocket expenses that are entered and submitted on Ebill vouchers (type 'Other') and are over $50 are to be signed and mailed into CPCS with the following required documentation:

  • Attorney signature on voucher. (Must be original ink signature)
  • Proof of payment for items listed on voucher – make sure dates and amounts match. Proof of payment may be invoice showing zero balance, cancelled check, redacted credit card bill, receipt, etc.
    In-house expenses such as postage and copies, don’t require proof of payment.  ‘In-house’ should be annotated on voucher using appropriate category.
  • If reimbursement is for services provided, motion is required except for interpreters unless over $500 and transcribers unless over $1000.
    • Reimbursement for services provided are paid at CPCS rates. This includes transcripts, service of process, and interpreters (in addition to experts and PIs).
    • If an expert is not already a CPCS approved vendor, then they will need to be vetted and approved by CC Vendor Review prior to reimbursing the attorney for their services. Contact the vendor maintenance clerk for more information.
  • Telephone expenses should be submitted on a telephone voucher.

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