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Individuals are limited to billing a maximum of 1,650 billable hours per fiscal year. Hours billed in excess of the annual limit on billable hours will be denied payment. Vendors are responsible for keeping track of their billable hours and those of their employees and contractors.

In order to avoid prejudice to the client, the specific individual hired to perform the services is required to continue to work for clients for whom work has been accepted, despite having exceeded the fiscal year cap on billable hours. Vbill requires that the vendor identify the name of the person who provided the services to the client. Vendors, their employees, and contractors may not bill CPCS for their services under another person’s name under any circumstances.

Vendors may request a waiver of the fiscal year billing limit for themselves or any employee or contractor by submitting a written request for waiver of the fiscal year billing limit. This request should be sent prior to reaching 1,650 billed hours.

The vendor should identify the individuals seeking the waiver and specify the reasons why a waiver is necessary to protect the interest of the CPCS clients, the number and types of cases handled in the fiscal year, and the extraordinary circumstances that resulted in the individual reaching or exceeding the presumptive cap on billable hours. In addition, the vendor must indicate the total number of hours they are seeking to bill CPCS for services rendered until June 30th . CPCS staff may also request additional information.

Vendors should send the waiver to where it will be reviewed by the appropriate member of CPCS senior management.

(Ref: Court Cost Vendor Manual, page 9 section 3)

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