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Attorneys may be reimbursed for overnight hotel expenses for Hampden county cases. 

Before incurring expense, prior written approval is needed from Deputy Chief Counsel (Vanessa Velez) or Director of Criminal Trials (Rose King).


  • Approval from Vanessa or Rose King

Once approval is obtained, submit an Ebill expense (other) voucher through the Ebill system. Click on link below for more information.

How do I request reimbursement for an out-of-pocket case related cost?

  • Enter 'Misc' under Type, Enter 'Travel' under Other Type 
  • Enter beginning and ending date(s) of stay. Enter #  of nights under 'Units'. 
  • The Maximum Rate that can be entered is $130 per night.
  • Click Save and Submit.



  • Print voucher and sign.
  • Mail into CPCS with itinerary, proof of payment, (If itinerary exceeds $130 a night, you will be reimbursed at the maximum $130 per night.) and approval.


CPCS will not reimburse for casino stays

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