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The mistakes listed below are some of the more common mistakes that result in a bill either being 'Rejected' or returned to 'Work in Progress' for modification.

  • Missing Pages of the Allowed Motion for Funds - CPCS requires all of the pages of the motion. If your attorney only provides you with the first page, request the remaining pages.
  • Motion not Approved by the Court - Either the motion should be signed by the judge indicating approval OR a copy of the docket entry (along with the entire motion) showing the court's allowance should be provided.
  • Incorrect Attorney type - Ensure that this is correct or the bill will be returned to work in progress. Ask the attorney if in doubt.  If you have selected Privately Retained and need to change it to a NAC number, simply point the dropdown box selection back to "Select Attorney Type" and the NAC# box will pop back up.  You may enter the NAC number and not select any type from the dropdown.
  • Lump Sum billing - The bill should accurately reflect the work performed on each date. Do not combine all work onto a single date.  Instead, begin by entering the first date you worked, enter the hours worked on that date, and select the activity performed on that date.  Save the record and then go on to the next date.
  • Flat Rate billing - CPCS pays an hourly rate based upon the specific expertise. If a bill is entered as a 'flat rate', (for instance for an evaluation), then it will be returned to your work in progress to correct. (Note: this does NOT apply to lab tests).
  • Failure to sign the Vbill - Unfortunately this results in many rejections and is not something that can be addressed via email correspondence.

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