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Individuals are limited to billing actual and reasonable time for services up to a presumptive maximum of twelve billable hours per day. The twelve-hour daily billing limit is designed to ensure that clients receive the highest level of service, allows for a fair distribution of case-work, and acts as a control against over-billing.

Vendors may request a waiver of the presumptive twelve hour billing limit by submitting a Request for Waiver Form for each date a vendor wishes to be compensated for time in excess of twelve hours, after providing over twelve hours of services in a day, but prior to billing for that date. Each date for which a vendor wishes to be compensated for more than twelve hours requires a separate form.

The form is located in Vbill in the 'Manuals & Forms' section.


Please ensure that it is filled out completely and that the required documents are emailed as instructed:


Successful submission of a waiver request will result in a notice generated in your Vbill account for each date a waiver is requested.


The status of a waiver request will be conveyed to the vendor via Vbill notice after it is acted upon.

(Reference: Court Cost Vendor Manual, page 9 )

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