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In order to bill for mileage, services must be performed and entered in the Services section of the Vbill Invoice Detail.  Please note travel time should never be combined with other activities. 

To enter the mileage:

  1. Select the Travel Date from the drop down menu.
  2. Select the city/town where the travel started.
  3. Select the city/town where the travel ended.
  4. Enter the mileage traveled.
  5. Check the box if the travel was Round Trip.
  6. Click on the Add button to add the record.
    • Click on the Edit button to edit the record.
    • Click on the Delete button to delete the record.

If you check off Round Trip, do not forget to enter the return mileage. Checking off the box allows the Attorney and CPCS to know the trip was round trip. Vbill does not systemically change the miles traveled or the dollar amount.

If travel is outside of Massachusetts, in the From or To drop down menu, select "(OUT OF STATE)" and enter the city/town, state.

For further information about the CPCS travel policy, please review the Court Cost Vendor Manual.

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