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  • If out-of-state travel exceeds 300 miles round-trip, the attorney must submit a written request to the appropriate Deputy Chief Counsel and receive prior approval before incurring such expenses. 

    If the time expended exceeds the presumptive daily billing limit, the attorney must also seek a waiver in accordance with Item S  from the Assigned Counsel Manual

    (Reference: Assigned Counsel Manual, page 351)

  • Reimbursement for travel exceeding 300 miles round trip requires prior written approval from the appropriate Deputy Chief Counsel.

    For unusual or extraordinary expenses by type or cost (including travel other than by automobile, lodging, meals, etc.) authorization from the appropriate Deputy Chief Counsel is required prior to incurring costs. Failure to seek prior written approval or provide sufficient supporting documentation of expenses may result in a denial or reduction of a request for reimbursement.

    Approval shall be included with other required documents when sending your Vbill to CPCS.

    Approval can be in the form of an email or travel approval form/letter with an electronic signature.  Original signature is not required.
    It is the attorney's responsibility to obtain this approval for their vendor/expert and provide it to them.

    Meals are reimbursed up to the following rates per day: $6 breakfast/$8 lunch/ and $16 dinner.

    (Reference: Court Cost Vendor Manual, page 6)

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