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Most Vbills and attorney expense vouchers require mailing of paperwork with required documents to CPCS. Vbills and Ebill expense vouchers are 'scanned' upon receipt and the date logged into the system.

To determine if a Vbill has been received:

  1. Log into Vbill with your user ID (your email address) and password.
  2. Read and mark as 'Read' any unread notices.
  3. Click the 'Invoice List' button

  4. Select 'Pending' in the status block


  5. Locate the Vbill in question. If there is a date in the 'Paperwork Rcvd' column, then it has been received by CPCS

    You may click on the column headings ('Vbill ID', 'Client', etc.) to sort by that property.

Ebill Expense Vouchers

Ebill voucher receipt dates are not reflected in Ebill. Please email vendorbills@publiccounsel.net with the confirmation number and we will research the receipt status.


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