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Bar advocates and CPCS staff attorneys are required to approve most bills submitted by vendors that they engage. This is done electronically via Ebill.

  1. Log into your Ebill account with your user ID and password
  2. Ensure all notices are marked as 'Read' (this only applies to bar advocates)
  3. Click the 'Vbill Approval' button in the menu bar
  4. This will bring you to the page with all Vbills awaiting your review. 
    Find the Vbill that you wish to approve
  5. Click the View button. 
  6. Review the work billed, select the case type and then act accordingly ('Accept', 'Reject for modification', or 'Reject Permanently')


If you want a copy of the bill for your records, you will need to print it prior to acting on it. Once the bill has been accepted or rejected, you will not have access to it.

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