I am an Attorney and want to use a new expert witness, what do I do?

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All experts must review the approval process before starting work on your case!

When you need to use an expert that has not worked with CPCS before, have them email vendorinfo@publiccounsel.net to start the process before they start work on the case. A Finance staff member will reply with the required forms to be filled out by the new expert and a request for the relevant documentation of qualifications. Once all paperwork is in order, the application will be forwarded to the Vendor Review Panel for final determination of qualifications and applicable compensation rate. If approved, the new expert will be given detailed instructions on how to be set up as a state vendor. 

All vendors will submit an EFT/W9 DocuSign form for billing/payment. We will need the name/email address of the person who can authorize a signature submitted to the vendor specialist. 

This can be lengthy, so please allow a few weeks to complete this. To speed things along, have the new expert gather a few commonly requested documents such as an updated resume, applicable licenses, and allowed motion for funds (for non-Social Worker experts). Once they have been approved by vendor review and their DocuSign has been approved, set up PICK and approved for billing.

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