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When the attorney type for a Vbill is entered incorrectly (e.g. 'Privately Retained' when there is a NAC on file), the Vbill is returned to the vendor's work in progress to modify and resubmit. Adding a NAC # in this case is not intuitive or obvious.

Below are the steps to update a Vbill that was returned to Work in Progress (WIP) because there is a NAC# on file.   You should have received a notice in Vbill, along with the NAC#.

DO NOT start a new bill unless specifically directed by Accounts Payable personnel; it could be reduced or automatically rejected.

  1. Login into Vbill. Find the Vbill in your work in progress folder. Click 'Edit' next to the correct bill. Find the drop down box 'Attorney type selected'.

  2. Click the drop down and choose '(select attorney type)'.

  3. Once you select that item in the drop down box, the NAC field will re-appear.
  4. Enter the NAC number (a 'C' or 'D' followed by 8 consecutive digits) and click 'OK'. DO NOT choose anything from the drop down box below. You should receive a 'pop-up' indicating that the NAC is on file and the attorney, court, and client fields should be automatically populated now.

  5. Save the changes by clicking on 'Save'

  6. Resubmit the Vbill by clicking on 'Review & Submit'

  7. After the attorney electronically reviews and approves the work, please print/sign/date the Vbill and mail the updated form to CPCS. Put a sticky note on it that it was returned to work in progress. Please include copies of the required documentation to facilitate processing.

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