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  • Are all transcription Vbills now paperless?

    No, only Vbills that meet specific criteria. You will be notified in Vbill if you are not required to mail your Vbill and supporting documentation to CPCS.

  • How will I know if I don't have to mail in my Vbill and supporting documentation?

    After the assigned attorney approves the work, the status will indicate 'Awaiting CPCS Approval' without any instructions to the vendor.


    Additionally the notice generated after the attorney approves the Vbill will indicate that it will be processed paperlessly.

  • How quickly will my paperless bill be processed and paid?

    All electronically processed bills that require no paperwork will be processed for payment weekly.

  • I just submitted a 'paperless' Vbill. Is there any further action required on my part?

    In order for the bill to be processed and paid, no.

    However, please maintain all paperwork and case-related documentation for a period of not less than 7 years from the date of submission.  This and other CPCS billing policies can be found in the Court Cost Vendor Manual

  • I have been notified by the attorney that my bill was approved.  However, the status shows "needs to be approved by CPCS".

    Paperless bills are approved for payment weekly when the automated approval process is run. This normally occurs Wednesday morning prior to transmitting payments. IF you were notified that your bill will be processed paperlessly, then no further action is required on your part.

  • My bill is less than $1000 and it's not expedited, yet there is a requirement for an allowed motion for funds.

    The motion for funds requirement is based upon total case (NAC) billing, not individual bill amount. If there is a motion required, this indicates that either you or other court reporters/transcribers have previously billed on this NAC and your current bill has exceed the $1000 threshold. Contact the attorney who ordered the transcript for an allowed motion for funds to cover the entire case billing.

  • I'm an attorney and my court reporter/transcriptionist is requesting an allowed motion for funds. The cost of the transcript is less than $1000 and it is not expedited.

    The motion for funds requirement is based upon the total case (NAC ) billing. It is the attorney's responsibility to track this total and obtain an allowed motion for funds to cover the total billing when it is expected or does exceed $1000. Please refer to this article for more information.

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