I have a case that needs the services of an expert, how do I find one?

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First- contact our Forensic Resource Division for information regarding the best type of expert for your particular case: Ira Gant (617 910-5804) or Nathan Tamulis (617 910-5805)

Once you have the name of the expert, please email: vendorinfo@publiccounsel.net  to determine if the expert is already a state vendor on file with CPCS. If the expert is not already in our file, you will be advised regarding the process and paperwork needed to get them established.

Failure to use a vetted expert could result in denial of payment of expert services. Prior to this process, it is advisable to obtain and estimate of cost from the expert and request an allowed motion for funds from the court. An allowed motion for funds is required for payment of all experts.

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