Partial Payments (Paying the rest of a bill with a new motion)

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Sometimes a Vbill is only partially paid because the bill exceeded the maximum funds that were allowed by the court on the motion for funds. When this happens, the remainder is still payable so long as the court allows another motion for funds. When the attorney provides you with this supplemental motion, there are two ways to assist CPCS in processing this remainder:


By mail:

Mail a copy of the original Vbill, and clearly write the word "Partial" on the first page. Include a copy of the new motion for funds. We do not need a copy of your time records or the older motions. This should be mailed to: 

CPCS Accounts Payable
75 Federal Street
6th Floor
Boston, MA 02110


By email:

Send an email to with the subject is 'Partial Payment Request - Vbill ID here. Attach the PDF of the scanned motion for funds as well as the partially paid Vbill or the Vbill ID.

On occasion, you may have mailed a bill that you know will be partially paid, but you have obtained a supplemental motion before CPCS has yet processed the bill. In this case, please email the new motion ASAP so that we can apply it to your original bill when we process it.

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