How Do I Bill for Telephone Calls?

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Reimbursement for telephone calls to clients is accomplished via a single 'Telephone Voucher', where calls for all clients can be submitted. This eliminates the necessity to create a separate voucher for each client you are seeking reimbursement for.


  1. In Ebill click the 'Telephone Voucher' button


  2. Add each NAC that you are seeking reimbursement for. All calls for a single NAC # can be consolidated into a single date if there are various dates; ensure that receipts reflect which calls are associated with the specific NAC.

  3. Click 'Save' after entering each NAC and the amounts.

  4. After all NACs are entered, click 'Submit'.
  5. Follow up by sending CPCS signed voucher and proof of payment if > $50. 

CPCS Accounts Payable
75 Federal Street
6th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

If your voucher for telephone calls totals < $50 please ensure you keep all receipts and corresponding paperwork in your files in the event they are requested by us.

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