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When editing a Vbill the generic message, "An unexpected error has occurred" is generated.
This is normally caused by one of the actions below:

Attempting to continue adding services to a previously started Vbill

If you already have added an 'employee' (such as yourself) and you need to bill additional work, do not click the 'Enter Invoice Detail' button. Instead click the 'Edit' link next to your or the employee's name. Then continue your billing.

The 'Enter Invoice Detail' button is only used when:

  • Starting a new Vbill
  • Adding addition employees to the bill; for example you are an investigator and several individuals working on the case need to bill.


Using special characters in the 'Notes' or 'Comments' field

Special characters such as |, ~, `, ^ and others cannot be stored in our database, so the Vbill program will throw an error. If you stick to using alphanumeric characters and basic punctuation, you should not have this error.

Sometimes copying/pasting from programs such as Word can introduce special characters that are not obvious or visible.

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