A vendor is telling me I have a Vbill to approve but I did not receive a notice

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Please be aware that bills submitted by vendors in Vbill for your review may be viewed at any time by logging into the Ebill system at ebill.publiccounsel.net and then clicking the "Vbill Approval" button at the top of the screen.


Click the View button, which will bring up the bill to review and approve




When a vendor submits a bill, our system sends a courtesy notification to your email to let you know that a bill is awaiting your review. This email is not required to access the bill.

If a vendor informs you that a bill was submitted, and you have not received the notification, we ask that you please check Ebill for the bill before informing the vendor that you're unable to approve it.

If the vendor has entered the attorney type as 'Privately Retained' or 'Pro bono' then the bill will not appear in the list. If this representation type is correct, you will need to review and sign the physical bill. If the type is not correct (there is a NAC #), then please contact vendorbills@publiccounsel.net

If the Vbill does not appear in your list of bills for approval, only then please instruct the vendor to contact us for technical assistance at vendorbills@publiccounsel.net

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