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For the majority of Vbills, the attorney who retained your services is required to review the work billed prior to Accounts Payable personnel processing the bill. Vbill will indicate 'Pending Attorney Review' until this occurs.

  • Attorneys who are either 'CPCS Employed' or are assigned counsel (a NAC number is provided) are able to review the Vbill and sign off on the work performed electronically.

    The vendor/expert will receive a Vbill notice once this is complete. They may then continue the billing process which normally includes providing the required documents to CPCS.


  • If an attorney is 'Privately Retained', 'pro bono', or a student then the electronic approval mechanism is not available. The vendor/expert will need to provide their signed Vbill to the attorney to physically review and sign off on the work performed.

    In this situation, your Vbill account will indicate 'Pending Attorney Review' after CPCS receives the required documentation and until it is approved by CPCS. Depending on the backlog of bills, this can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 

    In other words, it is normal for your bill to indicate 'Pending Attorney Review' after it has been received by CPCS.


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