What Do I Use for Invoice Number in Vbill?

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When starting a Vbill, one of the required fields a vendor must enter is the invoice number.



Because you are billing CPCS, it is up to the vendor to select their own invoice number. Normally whatever format/system you use to help apply and reconcile your payments is acceptable with the following exceptions:

  • Each invoice number must be unique. The invoice number represents specific work being billed, so it should only be used once. If you attempt to re-use an invoice number, you will receive this error.
  • The invoice number should not contain any portion of the client's name.

Additionally, do NOT create multiple Vbills for the same work with different invoice numbers. If a bill is rejected or returned to work in progress, correct the deficiency instead of creating a new bill. Creating a new bill for a rejected bill can lead to double billing.



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