What Do I Use for Invoice Number in Vbill?

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When starting a Vbill, one of the required fields a vendor must enter is the invoice number.



Because you are billing CPCS, it is up to the vendor to select their own invoice number. Normally, whatever format/system you use to help apply and reconcile your payments is acceptable, with the following exceptions:

  • Each invoice number must be unique. The invoice number represents specific work being billed, so it should only be used once. You will receive this error if you attempt to re-use an invoice number.
  • The invoice number should not contain any portion of the client's name.

Additionally, do NOT create multiple Vbills for the same work with different invoice numbers. If a bill is rejected or returned to work in progress, correct the deficiency instead of creating a new bill. Creating a new bill for a rejected bill can lead to double billing.



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