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Vendors will bill at the translation/transcription rate when producing a translated document from a recording (audio/video).

Bill for translation/transcription as follows:

You are paid $0.17 cents per word for the translation and an hourly rate ($20) for listening to the audio/video. Bear in mind that the hourly rate DOES NOT include the translation portion; this is covered by the 'per word' rate. Bill the translation portion as you would normally do for translation.

Put the hourly portion in 'Expenses' category 'Other' for EACH day of audio listening, the number of hours in the 'Notes' section and calculate at $20/hour. Bill the daily translation in category 'Translation' and it will be paid at the per word rate.

If the only expense item is the hours billed, you may safely ignore the 'Required Documentation - All Expense Receipts'

IF this exceeds $500 you will need an allowed motion for the entire amount of the project.

This is outlined in the Court Cost Vendor Manual, page 14 -

This specifically covers translation/transcription where you must listen to audio and create a written transcript of what was spoken.

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