My Ebill/Vbill Account Shows that a Payment was Made but I Have not Received it

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Ebill & Vbill are updated the day payment information is transmitted to the Comptroller for disbursement. It does not necessarily indicate that a payment has been disbursed, only that payment information for the specified bills has been transmitted. There is at least a two day lag between when Ebill/Vbill are updated and when you can initially expect to receive funds.

Disbursement to your bank account normally occurs two days after payment information is transmitted if you receive EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). The best indication that a payment has been processed is Vendor Web, the Comptroller's website. This is normally updated late morning the 2nd business day after transmittal. You will need your Vendor Code and the last 4 digits of your tax ID (TIN).

If you did not receive an expected payment, please look over this article for possible causes.



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