My Payment was Intercepted, what does this mean?

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Sometimes part or all of a payment that CPCS makes to a vendor is intercepted. This occurs when funds are owed to another agency, for example Department of Revenue for unpaid taxes or child support.

Unfortunately, neither CPCS nor the payee is notified directly of the intercept. Please do NOT contact CPCS with questions about the intercept.  While we would like to help, we have zero visibility and no knowledge regarding the intercept.

When an intercept is executed, the balance is sent via check even if you are setup for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). An expected deposit not arriving is often be the first indication of an intercept. If your current payment address is not updated with CPCS and the Comptroller, this can further delay delivery of the check.

Vendor Web provides notification that an intercept has occurred, the intercept amount, and a number to call for additional information from the agency responsible for the intercept (see below).



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