What is VendorWeb and How Do I Use It?

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Vendor Web (https://massfinance.state.ma.us/VendorWeb/vendor.asp) is a website maintained by the Comptroller of the Commonwealth.

'Vendors' (attorneys, experts, in short anyone who is issued a 1099) can easily and quickly access their payment information from any agency, not just CPCS.

You will need your vendor code, available in Ebill/Vbill 'Mange Info'. You will also need the last 4 digits of your Tax Id Number (TIN).

What is the difference between Vendor Web and Ebill/Vbill Payment information?

Ebill/Vbill is updated after payment information is transmitted to the Comptroller for disbursement. However, it is NOT assurance that payments have been disbursed. 

Vendor Web is updated when payments have been disbursed by the Comptroller. This is normally two business days after CPCS transmits them.

Additionally, CPCS consolidates all of your payments into a single lump sum. To determine which bills compromise a specific payment, obtain the Payment Reference number from Vendor Web and look it up in Ebill/Vbill in the payment info section. Each bill that is in that specific payment will be lisited.

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