Common Errors to Avoid When Submitting Forms

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Avoiding these common errors will ensure a timely and accurate set-up or update of your business in the state's vendor system

  • Tax ID Number (TIN) discrepancies between forms
    • Example: Using your SSN on one form and your EIN on another
    • Example: You are currently set up in the state's system under your SSN but you submitted forms with an EIN
      • If you're looking to change your TIN, please reach out to for additional guidance before submitting your form.
  • Incorrect or missing address information
    • Examples: Missing zip code, incorrect street number, etc.
  • Incorrect company name
    • Example: The EIN given is not assigned to the name of the company given on the forms
  • Incorrect or missing digits in bank account details 
    • Example: Routing number does not match the bank listed on the forms
      **Please ensure that both the routing number and account number on all of your forms match the attached voided check or bank letter in its entirety**
  • Omitting old bank account details on EFT update forms
    • The Comptroller will not accept your EFT update without this information



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