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The Comptroller of the Commonwealth is responsible for issuing vendors' 1099s. If you need to change your address going forward, please respond to this email and we will send you an MA w9 accordingly.


To view an electronic version of your 2021, 2022 and 2023 1099s, please go to VendorWeb: https://massfinance.state.ma.us/VendorWeb/vendor.asp?login=1


In order to view your 1099 in VendorWeb, you will need your Vendor Code (VCXXXXXXXXX) and the last 4 digits of your Tax ID (TIN) to log in.


Within VendorWeb you can also view payments by agency for both Calendar Year 2023 and Calendar Year 2024 to-date.


Please note that when reconciling your payments to your 1099 for 2023, your 2023 1099 includes payments issued by all Commonwealth of Massachusetts agencies for which you provided services from 01/01/2023 through 12/31/2023. 


**Note, if you have provided services under multiple Tax ID Numbers in Calendar Year 2023 (changed practices, switched from SSN to EIN, etc.), you will have (2) 1099's in Calendar Year 2023, under separate VC's and Tax ID (TIN).*** 


For more information on 1099's, please go to:



Per the Comptroller's 1099 faqs site: The 1099-NEC is a new form for Tax Year 2020. It takes the values that were in Box 7 of the 1099-MISC and move them to box 1 of the 1099-NEC. It also moves certain legal payments from the 1099-MISC Box 14 to 1099-NEC Box 10. For any questions relating to this new form, please contact the Comptroller's HelpDesk. All HelpDesk contact info is located within the https://www.macomptroller.org/1099-faqs link.


The above directions relate to electronic 1099 and can be saved to PDF accordingly. If you require an original 1099, please contact the Comptroller's Office via https://www.macomptroller.org/1099-faqs.


Thank you.

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