An expected payment did not arrive in my bank account

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Although electronic payments (EFTs) are often available in as little as 2 business days after they are transmitted for disbursement, it can sometimes take up to 3-5 business days for payments to arrive in your bank account.

When a Vendor/Attorney is changing a banking account please be aware of the timing of your payments. When you submit the form, it takes 2-3 days to process & approve it by the comptroller. And another 5 business days for the new bank to ready to receive new banking payments. Also, when a payment is issued in between the start of the new bank and the end of the old one then it will be sent as a paper check. And we suggest that you make sure they have a current address on file in case a check is mailed.

Your next steps:

  1. Determine if a payment was made by logging into the MA Comptroller Vendor website called VendorWeb -

    You'll need your vendor code (VC number) which is available in Ebill/Vbill in the 'Manage Info' section. You will also need the last 4 digits of your Tax ID (TIN).

    If you recently made a bank account change, there is a five day period between the closing of your old bank account and the finalization of the new account by the state Comptroller’s office. If payment date falls within that five day period, you would receive a paper check in the mail since the new account wouldn’t be on file yet. Future payments should then be deposited into your bank account as expected.

  2. If the payment was made, there may be a tax intercept of the payment. VendorWeb will indicate the intercept amount as well as provide a phone number for any questions about the intercept. The remaining amount is then sent automatically as a paper check to the address listed on file.

    Please do NOT contact CPCS with questions about the intercept.  While we would like to help, we have zero visibility and no knowledge regarding the intercept.

  3. If the payment was not made, then please email if you’re an attorney or email for all other vendors.

    When emailing, please provide specifics: confirmation numbers that you expected to be paid if you are an attorney OR approved Vbills with IDs if you are a vendor.

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