Employee/Contractor providing a service for an Employer that provides services to CPCS.

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Review the following information before filling out the application.

  • All the required fields will have an asterisk (*). 
  • After you start the application, select “I’M APPLYING AS AN INDIVIDUAL” and select “YES” for “DO YOU HAVE A PRIMARY EMPLOYER?”


  • Contact your Primary Employer and ask for their Company Registered Name/ Registered Business Name, Business Name/Trade Name/DBA (if different than the Company Registered Name/ Registered Business Name,) and Employer Identification Number (EIN).


  • If you provide the same type of service in collaboration with other companies that are CPCS approved vendors, please contact them and ask for their Employer Identification Number (EIN).
    1. Once you have that information, click on Add Company (A.)


2. Enter the EIN (B.) If there are additional companies, click on the Add Company plus sign (C.)


For the following question, “DO YOU CURRENTLY PROVIDE SERVICES TO THE COMMONWEALTH?” if you provide services for other Commonwealth departments/agencies besides CPCS, select “YES.”

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